We spent quite a bit of time researching our inquiry topic.  After many weeks we were able to paint a canvas based on researched information.  Once the paintings were completed we took photos and then used Fotoflexer to manipulate the images.  This way students got to do the hands on artwork as well as develop their image manipulation skills.

 Before Fotoflexer                                                             After Fotoflexer



At St Mary’s we are preparing for a whole school art exhibition in September and our year 5’s are doing sustainability. Here is the artwork they are doing for the exhibition.





The Beach Can

The Beach Can




The Landscape Can

The Landscape Can

This is a great activity for anyone wanting to create something inexpensive.  Get the children to bring in an aluminium can from home.  Undercoat it with a light coloured house paint.  Paint your landscape, beachscape, seascape or any scape you like.  Spray with a light coat of varnish.


The Children of Wacarra Tribe all made totem poles for our survivor unit. 

Totem Pole 1

Made from clay, fired and hand painted using acrylics as this is more affordable and easy for the children to manage.  We sprayed them with some varnish before putting them outside so they are now weather proof.

Before firing we stuck a hole in the clay using the bamboo plant stake. 

Our Totem poles are now surrounding our school building and remind us every day of our strength, courage and friendship.

Unit 2 Reflection

I have signed up to Twitter, Facebook and Skype.  I have never used Twitter or  Skype before, I guess I have not had the need for them personally and am unsure of how to use them effectively in the classroom.  “There is something for me to explore”.  I have used facebook to stay in touch with friends and family and love it but again need to explore the possibilities of using it in the classroom effectively.

As a professional I can see these tools useful for sharing information and having professional conversation.  It will be interesting to see how I feel after I have explored possibilities a little further.


Facebook me @ Shelly Michalke


My Skype  contact is  shelly.michalke


You can tweet me @ShellyMichalke



I  Look foward to twittering, skyping and messaging with you all.